About Sarah Liddle

Business and marketing consultant and professional doer of things that need doing
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That’s me, Sarah Liddle

I can help you to grow your business and get your work life balance back.

I’m a professional doer of things that need doing but I also know that many small business owners like to do things themselves, or at least understand how it’s done before handing the task over to someone else, so I also offer mentoring and training to small businesses, mainly in the rural sector.

And you’ll find me down to earth, honest, dependable, competent and straight talking.

So, I can be your Organiser, Marketing Manager, Website Manager, Proofreader, Copywriter, Report Writer, or, in fact, whatever you’d like me to be – or I can support you to develop the skills you need to take on these roles yourself.

If you want to concentrate on doing whatever it is you do, I can do the essential back-office business management and marketing tasks that need doing for your business to be successful.

I’m based on the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border, but that doesn’t matter as I prefer to work virtually.

"Working with Sarah is incredible, she enables me to simultaneously and effectively manage several roles. She is responsive and always positive, practical and solutions focused. Her work is of the highest quality and I can trust her to deliver in a timely and responsive manner."

Carolyne Crowe - Vet, Coach, Trainer, Speaker

"Sarah represents a rare blend of skill and knowledge. I could not afford to employ someone of her calibre and experience full time. However, by working closely with her on a part time basis I receive a consistent, high quality service. I particularly like her ‘can-do’ attitude and the flexibility she offers as my work stream is hard to predict on a weekly basis."

Ben Bennett - Arboricultural Consultant

"Sarah is very organised, thorough and works well using her own initiative. She is creative and full of ideas and has been a valuable support to myself and my business over the last few years."

Lara Heppell - Yoga Teacher, Therapist and Women's Health Practitioner

"OMG I love it [the website]! Sorry to use OMG I’m not normally a fan, but it completely warrants it. I think it looks fantastic."

Sarah Owen - Parent Chair at Brassington Pre-School

"Sarah has provided my business with efficient, professional, friendly and cost-effective services. She is responsive and takes pride in delivering what the customer needs."

Lisa Harrison - Independent Occupational Therapist

"Sarah is a rare find. She is meticulously detailed, incredibly efficient and always helpful. Sarah has been consistently unflappable and has not only helped me to move projects along but has supported me to do so with her calm and professional attitude. I value her views and opinions as much as her skills and have appreciated her intelligent, trustworthy and intuitive approach to everything we have worked on."

Catherine Oxtoby - Patient Safety and Human Factors Advocate for the Veterinary Profession

"I know I can rely on Sarah 100% with any tasks; she's uber organised, business minded, projects are completed on time, and I love it that she questions my decisions when there's another way to look at things."

Victoria Prince - Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur

"Sarah listens really carefully to the brief and presents her results clearly and in detail. I’d thoroughly recommend Sarah to any small business owner who needs to outsource their research."

Pete Mosley - Coach, Mentor, Author, Trainer and Speaker

Sarah is one of the most reliable and conscientious people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She consistently delivers to a high standard and always on time.

Lucy Temple - Freelance Copywriter

"I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah for her work. Her methodical approach and attention to detail are second to none …, always meeting deadlines and delivering on budget."

Beverley Cook - Marketing Executive at NMi

"Your work has been excellent and has taken us forward a long way. It’s a great foundation to build on for the future."

Peter Allen - Former Director of Marketing at the University of Derby

"Her work is of an exceptionally high standard and her attention to detail beyond that of anyone else I have ever worked with."

Debbie Martin - Sales Administrator at Idom Merebrook

My favourite clients are forward thinking sole traders or small businesses with good old-fashioned values, especially those in the agriculture, equestrian, arboriculture, forestry, veterinary, animal care and health and wellbeing sectors.

Don’t be put off if you’re not in one of these sectors though. If our values are the same and we talk the same language, I’m sure we’ll work well together.

I’m not one of those people who will tell you what you ought to be doing, I think it’s vitally important that the services I provide and the solutions I suggest work for you – and for me if we’re working directly together.

And it’s important that we’ll be able to work well together, so as I generally work remotely and we may not meet regularly, except perhaps on Zoom, you may find it useful to read my DISC behavioural profile. This gives you a good idea of my behavioural style, how I work, what motivates me and my personal qualities. Please contact me if you’d like a copy.

Down to earth, honest, dependable, competent, straight talking

With over 30 years’ experience in a variety of roles and industries, I’m a completer-finisher, who loves getting the job done. I’m practical too and highly organised, with lots of common sense. My Dad always told me: “Never say can’t”, so if you need something doing, I’ll do it (as long as it’s legal and ethical), learn how to do it or try to find a solution.

I like to go the extra mile. I was rated as ‘exceeding expectations’ in every annual review while working at Derby Uni. And I once rescued a rare White Park calf from a silted-up mill pond while dressed as a Georgian dairy maid – the hessian skirt was ideal for keeping both me and the calf above the silt. I’m a country girl born and bred and anyone that knows me wouldn’t be surprised at this story.

I’m a bit of a paradox, really. Some would say I’m a bit old fashioned – I like to live by the seasons, observing the waxing and waning of the moon, the cycles of the natural world and choosing locally produced fresh food as much as possible. But I’m also a bit of a geek and I’ve always loved technology – from my first Sinclair ZX81 computer to the sophisticated online apps and systems we have today.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed in today’s world – by the technology that should be making life easier for you, by the 24/7 society in which we live, by what other people think, by the western world’s definition of success…

All these things, and more, can make your working life so much more difficult and tip your work-life balance the wrong way so my aim is to work with you to find simple, workable solutions to your business challenges so you can get on with whatever it is you do knowing that your business is working for you not against you.