The Lady in the Shed

Offering a comprehensive range of services to small businesses

Administration and marketing services for small businesses

With over 25 years’ experience working in the agriculture, equestrian, animal nutrition, veterinary, animal care, education and arboriculture/forestry sectors, I’m able to offer a wide range of business support services that are invaluable to busy sole traders and small businesses looking to grow and move forward without the additional expense of taking on another member of staff.

Let's talk about how I can support you and your business

Your work has been excellent and has taken us forward a long way. It’s a great foundation to build on for the future.

Peter Allen

Former Director of Marketing at the University of Derby

Her work is of an exceptionally high standard and her attention to detail beyond that of anyone else I have ever worked with.

Debbie Martin

Sales Administrator at Idom Merebrook

OMG I love it [the website]! Sorry to use OMG I’m not normally a fan, but it completely warrants it. I think it looks fantastic.

Sarah Owen

Parent Chair at Brassington Pre-School

My services

If you think I’d be a good fit for your business and you can’t see the service you’re looking for here, contact me to see whether it’s something I can help you with and if I can, I will.

Documents, reports and presentations

I’m a whizz with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and love creating beautifully formatted documents and presentations and spreadsheets that deliver.

Whether it’s something you’ve written yourself that needs tidying up, editing or proofreading or you’d like something researching and drafting out, I’m the girl for the job.

I can create PowerPoint presentations too and document templates to help you maintain consistency and professionalism within your business.

Writing and proofreading

I love to write and I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to spelling and grammar.

I’m an experienced copy writer, editor and proofreader. I passed The Publishing Training Centre’s Proofreading course with Merit and have completed advanced writing training with the Plain English Campaign.

I can create content for a wide range of communications, including adverts, emails, prospectuses, press releases, newsletters, websites and blogs, social media platforms, formal publications, press releases and other assets, such as exhibition stands. And I have a good understanding of the impact of copy on search engine optimisation.

Internet research

Do you need to find out more about a certain issue or topic or want discover how your competitors are manging their social media or whether there is a lot of hype around their new products? Or perhaps you’d like to get some feedback from your customers or clients about what they like about your products or services.

I can research any subject online for you, as long as it’s legal and ethical, or carry out an online survey, collating my findings into a comprehensive report.

You decide on your objectives and I’ll take it from there.


Do you want to get noticed and grow your business, but don’t have the time for marketing?

Well, I can help you. I hold the Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Certificate in Marketing and have a wealth of experience of promoting services in both small and large businesses and organisations.

I can help with writing promotional materials for the web and for print and I can manage the design side too to make sure your brand is consistent.

It’s a nemesis for some, but your social media and online presence are essential to get noticed in the modern marketplace. If you don’t have the time or energy for all that nonsense, let me help.

And I can help you to put together your marketing strategy or campaigns.


Every business needs a website. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it needs to do its job.

I can get you online, whether you just need me to create the structure of the website and you add the content and images yourself or you’d like me to do the whole lot. And if you want to take on the management of your website, I can provide you with a guide too, so you’ll know what to do when I hand your website over to you.

I like to use WordPress as it’s an open source content management system that’s popular and easy to use.

I can optimise your website for you too, so search engines will be able to find it, and add Google Analytics so you’ll be able to monitor it and see what works and what doesn’t.

Social media is an important part of your business’s online presence, so I can integrate that will your website too and schedule posts. Or if you want me to, I can monitor forums and comment on your behalf.

If you already have a website and it’s not doing its job, maybe it’s time for a web audit or usability testing. Or perhaps it just needs maintaining, managing and updating. I’m happy to look after your website for you, updating plugins and pages as necessary and creating new content in line with your web strategy.

Transcription and typing

You dictate or scribble, I type.

Whether you collect audio information using your phone or dictaphone or like to scribble notes down on paper, I can type your surveys, minutes, reports, documents, ebooks etc for you.

I accept most common digital audio formats and as long as your writing is legible, I’ll type your scanned or hard copy notes too. And it goes without saying that I’m accurate and reliable.


Accuracy and consistency are my middle names, so I actually enjoy data entry, whether you need contacts from your huge pile of business cards adding to an Excel spreadsheet or you’d like the entries in your CRM system checking or updating.

Email management

Are you getting bogged down with the amount of emails you get each day? Are you struggling to see the wood from the trees?

It’s been suggested that business owners spend over a third of their time managing their emails. That’s a lot of time that you’re not doing what matters to you.

I can manage you inbox for you, alerting you to important emails that really need your attention and responding to others on your behalf. I can also set up rules and folders and organise your emails.

Office systems

Are you in a bit of a muddle? Do you need to put procedures in place to make sure that tasks are carried out efficiently and consistently?

I can help your business to operate more efficiently by working with you to prepare standard operating procedures or best practice documents and guides. Or maybe it’s just a case of streamlining the procedures you’ve already got in place.

I can also create forms and templates to save you time when carrying out your day to day tasks. Maybe you need a standard risk assessment template for something you carry out daily, method statements for your core activities or even a simple checklist for your weekly inspections.

I hold the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health and have completed the Lloyds Register of Quality Assurance Assessor course, so understand quality and health and safety systems.

If you’re local (Burton-on-Trent, Derby, Ashbourne, Lichfield or Uttoxeter areas), I can come into your premises and help you to organise an efficient working environment.

Tenders, accreditations and approvals

Are you missing out on opportunities for work because you don’t have time to trawl through the tender portals? I can do that for you and also identify other areas for business development and alert you to available opportunities in your industry.

And if you need me to, I can complete the lion’s share of the PQQ or business plan for you too. I’ll let you know what I need and you can upload the appropriate documents to Dropbox or something similar. I’ll send it back to you in good time for checking and so you can add your costings.

I can also help you to maintain your accreditation to organisations like Constructionline or SafeContractor and complete supplier approval forms.

As we work together more and more, I’ll be asking you fewer and fewer questions as I build up my knowledge of your company, experience and case studies.