The Lady in the Shed

Affordable business and marketing services, mentoring and training


I offer mentoring and training, either face to face or over Zoom, in a range of areas including WordPress website management, social media management, Pinterest, email marketing, writing for the web, developing an online presence and implementing and using a range of web-based tools and apps.

Prices start at £40 per hour with a minimum of one hour.


If you have a project you’d like me to work on for you, let’s talk about it. Once we’ve agreed on exactly what it is you require me to do, we can decide together on the right price for the whole project.

We’ll also decide on payment frequency and I’ll invoice you accordingly.

My promise to you

I will conduct my business affairs based on sound, ethical principles and will communicate fairly and honestly with both you and your clients, associates, employees and suppliers.

I will maintain my high professional standards by staying abreast of advances within my industry and strive for excellence through professional improvement.

I will conduct your business affairs in a professional manner, avoiding behaviour that could bring your business or reputation into disrepute.

I will respect the confidentiality of your personal and business practices and recognise your ownership of any intellectual copyright pertaining to your business activities.

The small print in a nutshell

Your initial 30 minute consultation will be free of charge.

During your initial consultation, amongst other things, we’ll discuss how you would like tasks completing, your timescales, how we can best work together and how you’d like me to communicate with you.

Once we’ve agreed everything and so we both know where we are, we’ll both sign a contract that puts everything we’ve discussed into writing.

Hours agreed as part of a retainer package can’t be carried over to the next month but if you’ve not used them up or you’re nearing your limit, I’ll let you know.

I’ll usually invoice you either monthly or at an agreed frequency. However, new clients will initially be invoiced two weekly. I’ll track my time and provide a detailed time report with your invoice.

Expenses, such as postage, printing and other stationery, that I need to buy on behalf of your business will be invoiced at cost.

My payment terms are 14 days, to be paid by bank transfer. Once an invoice becomes overdue, unfortunately I won’t be able to carry out any more work for you.

My full terms and conditions of business